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Chad and Cheese run "HR's most dangerous podcast" -- and also the most fun and insightful. A hell of a lot of fun talking about our characters, the writing journey and the book they called "dark, real and f*cking funny."

"In Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S. Incorporated novel, authors Rock and Voss once again assay a corporation where dysfunction is an aspirational goal and ethics are as expendable as the executives who by the first chapter are dispatched by a charlatan CEO guru in a sweat lodge mishap. The bad executives end unhappily and the good executives end happily. That's what we mean by fiction. "

- John Kador, Author of What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know 

Oh man, we laughed a lot during the Learning From Others podcast, where we covered business survival, cussing characters, Cameron Crowe, cats ... and shovels. Guess you had to be there. Oh wait, you can just listen here!

We had such a fun time talking with Dave on Lead Like You Give a Damn! "I thought [your book] would be more akin to a leadership parable -- but it's certainly not THAT book," he told us.


Nope, it's all LOL fiction, intrigue, thriller, romance (with a few important leadership and career lessons hidden in there). We spill all here.

Operation Clusterpuck - Career Blindspot
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Our interview on 9-to-Thrive where Sarah asks us about our "wonderfully humorous novel that pokes some fun at workplace dynamics, corporate disasters and even how important communication is within organizations."

Tammy called our guest conversation "Small Steps to Big Change," and that's exactly what we talked about: The steps we took to change our careers from corporate directors to authors and consultants. This is a personal look into our lives and the decisions we've made along the way (including the origins of our first novel). 

"If you were the bad guy in someone else's novel, how would they describe you?" Such great questions and a fun conversation with Juan and Career Blindspot about the characters in the book, behind-the-scenes bad behaviors, eroding a corporate culture and our bad-guy alter-egos!

Rock and Voss - Talking Business Now
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Kelly Scanlon on the C-Suite Radio Network asks us great questions about the process of co-authoring a business novel and ... is truth really stranger than fiction?

Operation Clusterpuck - Happy Hour Hustle
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A great conversation with Kim on Happy Hour Hustle, where we cover the three Cs: Clusterpuck, c-suite villains and -- of course -- cocktails. Cheers!

We had a hell of a fun hour with Denise Griffitts on her radio show, talking about writing a book, turning a side-hustle into a business and the themes we infused into Operation Clusterpuck. 

"But seriously," she says at the end, "grab Operation Clusterpuck. It's hilarious. And thought-provoking. And it's really going to get your mind working toward how to be the best you."

"I found myself laughing out loud!" Thanks, James and Authentic Business Adventures, for reading Operation Clusterpuck and asking great questions in this in-depth radio interview about being authors, the terribleness of IT, and the international appeal of free food in the breakroom.


Also, some riffs on writing romantic comedy, finding sounding boards, and making brave choices.

We talk with David from Car Thoughts in this 34-minute interview.

In the time it takes David to commute home from work, we chat about Operation Clusterpuck, writing and publishing a book, perseverance and -- of course -- sex in the corporate stairwells.

Big thanks to Mary Ann Grossmann, book reviewer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, for her kind words about Operation Clusterpuck in the Sunday, December 2, 2018 newspaper!

Full review here.

Crtical Mass Business - Unknown Artist
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We talk with Richard Franzi of Critical Mass for Business radio and his CEO audience about the lessons to be learned from Operation Clusterpuck -- and whether our villainous exec Lyle Kirkland is indeed a real person.