Operation Clusterpuck:
a B.S., Incorporated Novel

Fresh off the brink of an all-American corporate disaster, Business Solutions, Inc., is launching a new, ill-advised venture, north of the border. As BSI executives pin their hopes and bonuses on a hastily planned Canada partnership, a shocking shakeup at the top threatens not only BSI’s expansion, but its legacy and future.

Just as Will Evans begins hitting his groove as BSI communications director and potential love interest for coworker Anna Reed, he’s booted out of his comfort zone. Thrown into a high-stakes international expansion, he’s forced to navigate a bumbling tech startup, worldly new colleagues, and Anna’s underhanded ex.

Back in Minneapolis, Anna is losing her sense of purpose – and maybe her mind – as she juggles an exploding workload, a complicated office romance, and new anxieties about her long-buried past. She also might be the only thing left standing between exec Lyle Kirkland and his most devious plot yet.

As BSIers get distracted with slapdash plans, technology fiascos, and pirate seminars, Will and Anna must race against the clock to save the company – and themselves. But is there time to change the course of people and companies so set in their ways? Or are some greedy schemes so deep and deceitful they can’t be stopped?

"One of the 10 Best Business Books of 2018."

- John Kador, author "What Every Angel Investor Wants You to Know"

"Full of biting business jokes, workplace camaraderie and plenty of
cheeky pop culture references. Impossible to put down.”

- US Review


"“The dynamic author duo of Rock and Voss have done it again.
Even more riotous and suspenseful than the original …
with a plot that thickens with the turning of every page. An LOL delight.”

- Lorie Lee Steiner, Associate Editor, Business View Magazine

"Hilarious. Readers who’ve worked for big businesses
will know [Rock and Voss] feel your pain."

- Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Five stars ... Revealing the cobwebby crevices of corporate life.
You’re in for a treat. "

- Red City Review