The story that started it all!
As Business Solutions Inc. is pushed to the brink of bankruptcy, Will Evans hatches a covert plan that just might save them all. But he needs Anna Reed's cunning and courage to pull it off.​

The tale of corporate mayhem continues as Business Solutions Inc. launches a mismanaged and hastily planned Canada partnership, threatening not only employees like Anna and Will, but the company's legacy and future.

"Five stars! Operation Clusterpuck is a rollicking ride that melds corporate intrigue, romance, and humor to create a spellbinding narrative."

- Readers' Favorite

"One of the 10 Best Business Books of the year. B.S., Incorporated offers
a colonoscopy of the contemporary corporate world."

- John Kador, Wealth Management

About the Authors

Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss spent two decades careening through corporate America and barely lived
to write about it.


As company journalists, speechwriters, and C-suite advisors, they stockpiled insider stories and cautionary tales. 


Both live near Minneapolis where they own a communications agency, speak to groups of all sizes, and share their perspectives in publications like the Washington Post.


B.S., Incorporated and Operation Clusterpuck are their first two novels.